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How does the bike turn on?

Each bike has an on/off switch on the underside of the controller box. Ask the staff if you have questions

I don’t see any display, how does the bike work?

Each bike has a sensor that responds to the pressure you place on the pedals. The more firmly you press, the more assist it will provide.

Will the bike keep going if I stop pedaling?

No, the sensor responds immediately, cutting the power to the motor

Is there a chance I could get a shock form the system?

No, the system is safe, and totally self-contained. The voltage is very low, but is isolated from you.

Will rain effect the system? Will it stop working?

The system is very robust, and has waterproof connectors and the motor has been tested for a high degree of waterproof tolerance.

How long will my battery last?

Like all things electric, it depends on many factors, like rider size, wind, hills, tire pressure, but a typical battery will last 30 miles.

If I am renting for a week, how do I keep my battery charged?

You have 2 options. You can request a portable charger. It plugs into the battery pack. Ask the staff to show you. The other option is to have the battery pack swapped out.

What happens if I run out of power?

Remember, its still a bicycle and you can just pedal it. While it may not feel as magical, it will still ride perfectly. All our electric bicycles were designed to be great bikes that happen to have an electric system integrated.

If I experience a problem with my bike while I am out, and a bit too far to return, what should I do?

Call the center where you rented the bike and they will have a replacement bike brought out to you.

I rented the bike for a day but I am having a blast, can I get the multi-day deal?

Most of our rental partners will gladly credit the day towards a multi-day rental pending availability.

Can I reserve my bike(s) ahead of time?

All our rental partners have the ability to book the bikes ahead, just sure to plan ahead, we expect the bikes to be in high demand.

Once I am done riding for the day, what do I do with the bike?

If you are a one day rental, return the bike to the same place you rented the bike. If you have a multi-day rental, check the battery status. There is a button by segments on the battery pack. If there is more than one segment not lit, charge it or bring the bike in for battery swap.


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